[OAC] Set to Transition to IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad

Attention new members, old members, returning members, and prospective members, [OAC] has plans to start flying IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad when the beta access begins later this year. Multiple members have already pre-ordered the Premium pack in order to get into the early access and will be evaluating the product as a replacement for IL-2: 1946.

If you’re a member that hasn’t been around in a while, I highly recommend you check it out here: http://www.il2sturmovik.com. If you choose to pre-order and get in the early access, come fly with us and help us test out this very impressive looking flight sim. This has the potential to be the best WWII flight sim in over a decade. There have already been over 2,500 pre-orders for the game and with marketing on Steam it appears it will have quite a large player base.

Reserve and inactive members, we would love to see you come back and fly with us again. Many of our members have had our lives become very busy, but if your schedule allows for the occasional flight we would love to see you come back and spend some time with us.

For now, I’ll leave you with this little teaser:

New Members!

Omega Air Command would like to formally welcome its two newest members – [OAC]TARG and [OAC]Carbon. These two veteran pilots have been flying IL-2 for quite some time and we’re excited to have them on our side.

If you’re interested in joining the OAC, check out our charter and register on our forums. Then come talk to us on our Teamspeak 3 server. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Ghost Skies – Kursk Ends

Omega Air Command participated in Ghost Skies’s inaugural campaign set in ’42-’43 Kursk. During the campaign OAC scored 81 air-to-air victories to only 40 aircraft lost! It also destroyed over 130 ground units, flew 379 sorties, and scored over 12,000 points! OAC helped lead the Allied team to victory over the Axis in a stunning fashion, defeating the Axis by nearly 10 to 1 in points and 2 to 1 in territory.

Thanks to everyone who flew and we’re looking forward to the next campaign set in Slovenia, which should appear in the next week or two!

If you haven’t heard of Ghost Skies, it is an online, team-based, persistent campaign that features moving units which are affected by the actual actions carried out by the pilots. Strategy, tactics, and individual skill are all very important in which team comes out as the victor.

For more information visit: http://www.ghostskies.com

OAC Gets a Facelift

So, we’ve finally switched to the new fancy website that I posted on the forums a couple months ago. Everything should be working, although the roster has yet to be populated, but that will happen soon!

Let me know if you guys encounter any issues, have any comments, questions, or concerns. Or just post them on the forums!

Ghost Skies Online War

Omega Air Command is presently participating in the Ghost Skies online war. This type of competition can easily be labeled as the “pinnacle of the IL2 experience”. If you would like to experience air combat involving large (10+ pilot) coordinated flights of aircraft in a Full-Real environment, join the OAC today!

Ultrapack 2.01

The UltraPack mod pack has recently been updated to version 2.01. Majority of the popular online servers are also requiring players to have the UltraPack 2.01 installed, so get yours from the official site HERE!

[OAC] Demo Movie

[OAC] has a new demo movie out based on some of our recent sorties on the Zekes vs. Wildcat’s sever. Check it out here!

SoW Interview at SimHQ

Oleg just gave another interview concerning Storm of War yesterday. In it, he said that he believes that they are approximately 80% finished and that the release date is on schedule for September 2010. He also discusses his thoughts on modding and third party software along with providing some information on just how advanced this new combat flight sim will be. For more details read the full interview here. Then join the [OAC] forums and leave your thoughts on our thread about this topic.

Oleg Maddox Interview Dec 2008

Here is an interesting inteview with Oleg Maddox by PC Pilot Magazine: